Todd Anderson

Joe Lovano: "Todd Anderson is a serious, wonderful saxophonist with a lot of drive and passion. When you hear him, you always want to hear more."  Ray Barretto: "The Todd Anderson that I've known and worked with for years is a fiery, creative player whose experience in all facets of jazz is evident..."
Mike Longo: "Todd Anderson is one of the most gifted and imaginative composers and arrangers on the scene today. His prowess as an instrumentalist is equally impressive. Check him out."

Andy Laverne: "If you like Wayne, Trane, JoeHen and Newk, you're sure to like Todd Anderson. He's taken elements of all of the above, and integrated them into his own tenor saxophone voice."

 Tim Price - Saxophone Journal: "Todd Anderson has achieved a rare union of tradition and innovation, coupled with finesse and raw muscle. His tenor saxophone sound is one of the most personal tenor saxophone sounds I have ever heard!"
Victor Jones: "Todd Anderson is a talent to be reckoned with!"

Recordings, Tours, Performances with:

  Vanguard Jazz Orchestra - Blood, Sweat and Tears - Ray Barretto - Tito Puente  Lionel Hampton - Eddie Palmeri - Mike Longo - Howard Roberts - Billy Ecksteine  Machito - Xiaviar Cugat - Gary Burton - Ben E. King -The Stylistics - The Four Tops  The Temptations - Cold Blood